Photo of the Assassination of Heydrich

World War II “Operation Anthropoid” Tour

World War II played a big part in the history of Prague’s struggle to be a democratic unified nation. After the Sudetenland was given to Hitler he continued on to conquer and occupy Prague until 1945. He placed Reinhard Heinrich as the Reichsfuhrer of the Czech lands. He was a ruthless man who hated the Czech people and swore to persecute them according to Hitler’s wishes. He ruled with an iron fist with executions of dissidents against the German state. He was an arrogant Nazi who at Prague Castle placed the crown of King Charles on his head and claimed that he was the king of Prague and all Czechs. Little did he know the crown holds a curse. Whomever places the crown on his head and is not king, will die in one year. In 1943 Czech paratroopers were trained in England to assassinate Heinrich called “Operation Anthropoid”. After a botched assassination attempt (Heinrich died in hospital a day later) they escaped and were hidden in Prague until the Nazis found them and a huge stand-off took place until the paratroopers eventually committed suicide instead of being captured by the Nazis. On this tour we will show you the places where “Operation Anthropoid” took place. As well as many places where other notable WWII historical events took place in Prague.

  • Private Licensed Professional Guide
  • Tour Length 3 Hours
  • See the locations where many WWII events took place
  • Visit the memorial and crypt where they were hiding
  • Experience the story of Prague’s liberation and life during the German Occupation
  • An true account of Prague during WWII
  • Interesting and Accurate

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