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U Pinkasu Original Pilsner Restaurant

www.upinkasu.cz interier 16 - U Pinkasu Original Pilsner RestaurantThis is the original place where the first Pilsen Beer was introduced to Prague. The restaurant and pub U Pinkasu started in 1843 by the Pinkas family. They heard about a new beer brewed in Pilsen by Burger’s Brewery. They made a deal with a local carrier and the first two casks of Pilsen Beer were brought to U Pinkasu. Now U Pinkasu is a classic place to stop in Prague for a tasty Pilsen beer. It is also a restaurant offering nice Czech Food. The food is tailored to accompany the beer with nice beer starters and small dishes to munch on while you wait for your main course. The food is Old Bohemian style from 1843 with lots of pork, beef, chicken, and duck with the Czech traditional potato dumpling (Knedlinky). They will even cook you a goose, turkey, or piglet, if you order 24 hours in advance. The great thing is that it is locate a short walk from Wencelav Square. So you can stop in during your sightseeing for a beer break, lunch, or dinner. Locals and even famous Czechs meet here for beer so you might even run into someone famous here.

U Pinkasu Restaurant
Jungmannovo náměstí 15/16
110 00  Prague 1

GPS: 50º4’59.633″N, 14º25’24.352″E

Reservations + 420 221 111 150
E-mail: provoz@upinkasu.cz

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