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Strahov Monastic Brewery and Restaurant

logo klasterni pivovar - Strahov Monastic Brewery and RestaurantThe Strahov Monastery Brewery in located near the Prague Castle in the original Stahov Monastery founded by King Vladislaw II in 1142. The first documentation of the brewery was first seen in the 13th and 14th century. The construction of the current day restaurant was done by Abbot Kasper Questenberg in 1628. The brewery was abandoned in 1907 and the space was used as a farm house. The entire complex of the brewery has just been restored recently in 2000. The construction now has a 350 seat capacity. The brewery itself brews a nice variety of its own micro-brew called Saint Norbert. They brew IPA India Pale Ale, Special Dark Amber and some impressive seasonal brews depending on what month you you are visiting the brewery. This is one of the most memorable spots you could have a beer in Prague walking distance from Prague Castle. The restaurant serves a variety of Czech food and beer cuisine, Brewery Goulash, Pork Tenderloin in Beer and Ginger. Cold starters and hot starters and a selection of soups. As well as beer, they have a good selection of Czech white and reds wines. And the prices are very reasonable for being so near the castle and tourist area.