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Hiking Tours in the Cesky Raj the Czech Paradise

Adventure Hikin Tour in Czech RepublivCzechia has some of the most breathtaking and beautiful natural areas in Europe. On our private day trips to Cesky Raj region you will experience the awesome beauty and the oldest medieval castles in the world. Imagine hiking threw incredible rock formations and end up at a medieval castle to stop for lunch and continue hiking.

You will hike threw the Prachov Rocks and continue on to stop at many medieval castles and chateaus from the 16th-17th century that you will encounter during the hike. This hiking tour will take you through magnificent rock structures, mountains, streams and creeks and lots more. This is a hike in Czechia you will never forget.

We will take you there from Prague by luxury car or minivan and you guide will be an expert hiker in the region with immense knowledge of the areas history then return you to Prague.

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