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Day Trip to Terezin Concentration Camp

The city of Terezin was a holding area for Czech and Polish Jews during WWII by the Nazis. It had horrible living conditions and most of the inmates died due to poor conditions from cold and disease not to mention the torment of the prisoners by the gestapo staff working at the camp. We will visit the camp and see the holding rooms where the prisoners were held. You will learn the history of Terezin, who stayed there, and learn about its sordid past. We will visit this heart moving memorial to the Jewish people who were persecuted by the Nazis. We will visit the Terezin Museum with its extensive historical exhibition. The tour last about 1/2 day and is highly recommended but a very emotional experience for visitors who have had family here or are interested in WWII history.  We will take you there by luxury car or minivan. Entry tickets are included in the price of the tour.

  • Tour Length is 6 hours
  • Entry Tickets are included in the price of the tour
  • Pick up and return to your hotel
  • Luxury car or minivan with professional driver
  • Professional Licensed Guide/Delegate
  • See the women’s quarters
  • Prisoners holding rooms
  • Walk through the entire complex
  • A very touching experience

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