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Myšák The Most Famous Confectioner in Prague

Myšák (mouse) is one of the oldest sweet shops/confectioners in Prague with a rich Czech history founded in 1904. It has been reconstructed in the original style that it was back then with rich decor in the neo-renaissance building redecorated by architect Josef Čapek. It has many wonderful sweet confections for you to taste. Myšák made cakes for many presidents of the Czech Republic T.G Masaryk, president Beneš and Klement Gottwald. The house, known to the general public as “Myšák”, thus got its typical rondo-cubist facade of red bush-hammered bricks. The design of thebuilding was the work of famous architects Josef Gočár and Pavel Janák. This confectioner is a must see in Prague id you are into lush desserts and ice cream sundaes. Come and indulge yourself in decadent cakes, coffee and ice cream. An experince you eyes and taste buds will not forget.